Franchise for creating a webcam studio

  • Do you want to open your own video chat studio but have no experience?

  • Have you already opened a video chat studio, but the turnover is not the same?

  • Have you started a new business with partner (s) but they disappeared?

  • Do you have staff willing to work and ambition of the owner?

  • Do you have an empty space of 100 sq.m.?

  • Do you have staff and experience, but no money to open?

  • Are you just looking for a mentor or partner to open a studio?

  • Your option - Why do you need a studio ....

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HappyStudio is the oldest webcam studio in St. Petersburg with soundproof rooms and a fresh renovation. We have the highest% of payments in St. Petersburg. We are loyal to our models and avoid fines. We have everything for a successful online video chat.


Phones: + 7 (904) 338-06-64


St. Petersburg

Nevsky prospect, 30